Hughes' Laser Eye Surgery Update

No more glasses, no more contacts!

As many of you know I was lucky enough to win laser eye surgery in November last year from Optimax who were very professional and helpful with me. 

I thought I'd post an update on how my vision is now and how I am getting on after the treatment.

So my vision is CRYSTAL CLEAR now and I've had no problems at all! You can imagine how good I feel every day waking up being able to see everything in so much detail and actually recognise people from a distance.  I'm forever grateful and lucky to have something literally fix the short-sightedness I've endured for most of my life and I have Optimax to thank for that.   

Going through with the treatment and making the decision to have it done was pretty scary because the slight risk anything could go wrong always seemed to play on my mind.

The treatment was painless and once you have the treatment done you can actually see instant improvement and 80% of the blur had gone.  I went with what my consultant suggested and opted for the LASEK treatment which can be more painful (but wasn't) and has a longer recovery which really wasn't that long.  The LASIK is more for people who need it done quickly like 2-3 day recovery and back to work.  You have to just wait over time for your eyes to adjust and heal to the treatment. 

I would definitely recommend having it done if you can afford it, its saved so much time and money in the long-run. 

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Winning Laser Eye Surgery with Optimax

I'm happy to say I've had the pleasure of winning Laser Eye Surgery thanks to Optimax.  I won Laser Eye Surgery last year in November.  One of the entries was to write a small blogpost on why I wanted to win.  So I figured it was my perfect opportunity and then I forgot about it once I had entered.

My eyes have always been terrible and progressively gotten worse as I've become older, it was -5.50 approx in both eyes, short sighted and I would always wear glasses and contacts which I wasn't comfortable with.

I received the email telling me I had won and I was very pleased, booked the consultation on the phone.  The people at Optimax in Manchester were very friendly and helpful, offered me a drink and explained everything to me.  I had time to decide whether or not I would go through with the surgery, I wasn't nervous at all and booked to have the surgery done after the New Year.

I had LASEK eye surgery and could see much clearer straight after having it done, I just had to wear shades from being sensitive to light and wait to fully recover.

The surgery and recovery was PAINLESS.  

The best way to describe it is its slightly uncomfortable for a while and it takes time for you to adjust to your new eyes (particularly with LASEK surgery as opposed to LASIK).

I was taking a few different antibiotics / eye drops which helped me during recovery.  The times I went back to Optimax my eyes had improved and right now I can see extremely clear and have no problems.

Now I'm much more confident in general and happier, anyone who is interested in getting Laser Eye Surgery I would say go for it.  I'm very happy with the treatment overall and especially cancelling my Specs-Savers direct debit.

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Thank you Optimax!

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My Dream Would Be To Win Laser Eye Surgery...

I would love to win laser eye surgery because it would mean I can wake straight up in the morning and not have to spend time messing around with contact lens cleaning them and putting them in, or at night when there's been countless times I've fallen asleep with my contacts in and my eyes are sore and blurry.

That usually happens when I've been so tired from a full day or coming in from a night out and just hitting the sack straight away.

My vision is so bad that without contacts or my poor excuse for glasses I literally couldn't identify an object right in front of me.  If contacts and glasses didn't exist I would constantly need someone to help me and I couldn't live my life normally, I would not leave the house.

I could just imagine waking up in the morning with crystal clear vision, being able to look out the window or walk down the street and be able to recognise people.  I would be very happy to win laser eye surgery and it would massively increase my confidence.

Eye sight is something we can easily take for granted.  I went for a consultation once and it was way too expensive for me even though I had been paid from work, it just wasn't going to happen.

I would really appreciate and be honoured to win something so important and worth so much.

Thank you for the chance and fingers crossed!

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Winning a VIP Night, Meeting Joel Corry and Sophie Kasaei from Geordie Shore

One of my first wins was a great experience where I won a VIP night out actually in my home town.

Great night out with my mates John and Paul at the time we would often go out for drinks so getting to meet Sophie was cool.  We were put in to the "VIP Area" with Sophie, it was guarded off from everyone else so lucky us!

It was fun to meet Sophie, she was really nice, down to earth and easy to talk to, much smaller than I imagined, I always imagine people on telly to be giants! I'm a fan of Geordie Shore and have always been, I know many people hate it and criticise the show but I find it interesting and enjoy watching.

I remember I spoke to her about Marnie joining the show and she told me about working in a call centre before Geordie. (I actually worked in a call centre helping and annoying people in to getting their PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) money back)

They delivered us a nice FREE bottle of champagne which we enjoyed.  I had also met Joel Corry the month or so before and he was a nice friendly dude, also down to earth.

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