My Dream Would Be To Win Laser Eye Surgery...

I would love to win laser eye surgery because it would mean I can wake straight up in the morning and not have to spend time messing around with contact lens cleaning them and putting them in, or at night when there's been countless times I've fallen asleep with my contacts in and my eyes are sore and blurry.

That usually happens when I've been so tired from a full day or coming in from a night out and just hitting the sack straight away.

My vision is so bad that without contacts or my poor excuse for glasses I literally couldn't identify an object right in front of me.  If contacts and glasses didn't exist I would constantly need someone to help me and I couldn't live my life normally, I would not leave the house.

I could just imagine waking up in the morning with crystal clear vision, being able to look out the window or walk down the street and be able to recognise people.  I would be very happy to win laser eye surgery and it would massively increase my confidence.

Eye sight is something we can easily take for granted.  I went for a consultation once and it was way too expensive for me even though I had been paid from work, it just wasn't going to happen.

I would really appreciate and be honoured to win something so important and worth so much.

Thank you for the chance and fingers crossed!

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