Winning a VIP Night, Meeting Joel Corry and Sophie Kasaei from Geordie Shore

One of my first wins was a great experience where I won a VIP night out actually in my home town.

Great night out with my mates John and Paul at the time we would often go out for drinks so getting to meet Sophie was cool.  We were put in to the "VIP Area" with Sophie, it was guarded off from everyone else so lucky us!

It was fun to meet Sophie, she was really nice, down to earth and easy to talk to, much smaller than I imagined, I always imagine people on telly to be giants! I'm a fan of Geordie Shore and have always been, I know many people hate it and criticise the show but I find it interesting and enjoy watching.

I remember I spoke to her about Marnie joining the show and she told me about working in a call centre before Geordie. (I actually worked in a call centre helping and annoying people in to getting their PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) money back)

They delivered us a nice FREE bottle of champagne which we enjoyed.  I had also met Joel Corry the month or so before and he was a nice friendly dude, also down to earth.

Thanks for reading!