Winning Laser Eye Surgery with Optimax

I'm happy to say I've had the pleasure of winning Laser Eye Surgery thanks to Optimax.  I won Laser Eye Surgery last year in November.  One of the entries was to write a small blogpost on why I wanted to win.  So I figured it was my perfect opportunity and then I forgot about it once I had entered.

My eyes have always been terrible and progressively gotten worse as I've become older, it was -5.50 approx in both eyes, short sighted and I would always wear glasses and contacts which I wasn't comfortable with.

I received the email telling me I had won and I was very pleased, booked the consultation on the phone.  The people at Optimax in Manchester were very friendly and helpful, offered me a drink and explained everything to me.  I had time to decide whether or not I would go through with the surgery, I wasn't nervous at all and booked to have the surgery done after the New Year.

I had LASEK eye surgery and could see much clearer straight after having it done, I just had to wear shades from being sensitive to light and wait to fully recover.

The surgery and recovery was PAINLESS.  

The best way to describe it is its slightly uncomfortable for a while and it takes time for you to adjust to your new eyes (particularly with LASEK surgery as opposed to LASIK).

I was taking a few different antibiotics / eye drops which helped me during recovery.  The times I went back to Optimax my eyes had improved and right now I can see extremely clear and have no problems.

Now I'm much more confident in general and happier, anyone who is interested in getting Laser Eye Surgery I would say go for it.  I'm very happy with the treatment overall and especially cancelling my Specs-Savers direct debit.

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Thank you Optimax!

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