Winning The Fred Bennett Sports Watch

My first ever watch was with Fred Bennett, this company are a men's jewellery brand based in London.  These guys were generously running a competition to win one of two watches which you can take a look at for yourself here.

FB (Fred Bennet, not Facebook!) contacted me while I was completely in a different world on holiday in Spain having a meal with my family.

The great thing is a week or two before I was saying how much I really wanted to win a nice watch and five months later I'm an avid lover and collector.

I got the notification saying I had won and had to really let it sink in and read it over again, I was very happy indeed.

Looking at the two watches, I initially liked the 'fb' stainless steel and was going to go with that but I liked the leather strap one too.  #HardDecisions

In the end I figured the leather strap will easily adjust and definitely fit so went with that.

The watch is extremely comfortable and casual. It is a sports watch and it has a matt dial with orange and black leather strap, I also like the fact it tells me what day it is (lol, yup!), the date and 24 hour indication.

The price on their website is £85 for the leather strap and £70 for the classic fb watch, they are great quality and lower priced than many other watches I've come across.

You get what you pay for (or really enjoy what you win in this case ;P) and my watch is still in great working order to this day, I've had no problems.

It came boxed nicely which gives a great professional and presentable impression, which always seems to be a thing with London companies ;-)

Now this watch win was four or five months ago.  I have been fortunate enough to be lucky again with Fred Bennett and won on Instagram (not just me! There were a couple of other lucky winners) - check them out, follow them, like them!

Thank you everyone at Fred Bennett, keep up the great work!

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@FredBennettMen on Twitter.
@FredBennettMen on Instagram.