The Men's Fred Bennett Bracelet

In the last article I talked about the Fred Bennett watch.

The men's jewellery brand launched nearly a decade ago in 2004.  These guys have won various awards for quality and innovation including Jewellery Brand of the Year and when you feel the quality you can understand why.

I found these guys through instagram and they were running a competition.  For the watch and for the bracelet, I had to 're-gram' the image basically through Instagram.

Every business should have instagram in my opinion and remember to use it in the right way or you're missing out!

I was happy to see I had won with Fred Bennett, I had just been to the gym and walking around town.

They're really generous and if you take time to notice, there are so many small but great quality companies around which don't have as big a following as others, at least online but really good companies... Fred Bennett is one of them.

I am a huge fan of good menswear, style, grooming, accessories... The works!  You can tell by the look and feel that its valuable and good quality and that's why I really like it.

Metal rings are PVD coated which means when it was made it went through a process of high temperatures which basically means it wont really scratch or lose quality and I can believe it!

It wraps twice around your wrist or you can wear it as a necklace which kind of creates a nice surfer look.  

This is a high value item of course and from London and priced at £62 from Fred Bennett's website, I don't personally have that kind of money which just makes this win that more enjoyable.

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