London Socks: The Perfect Man's Gift

I've decided to review the London Socks Co. since I won with them about 6 months ago.  The proud company run a sock subscription service where you can choose what socks, types and styles you like to arrive each month. 

If you don't want to wait, you can order packs!  As a wearer, I can vouch these really are great, top quality socks.

If you went for the Subscription Gift, ranging from £30 (a pair every 3 months) to £104 (a pair every 12 months) and the lucky receiver gets to choose and change the pairs they want.

Lord of the Manor ;-)

I noticed from October to November they brought out newer, thicker socks with new styles which I actually had been hoping for months before in the come up to Winter so these are perfect for the cold weather which us Britain's are no doubt very familiar with!

London Socks are the first stylish sock & subscription service I have used for 6 or 7 months now and consistently provided a great service.  I won the gift subscription for a year from them and they even send you an email reminding you when they'll be arriving! 

LSC offer some generous discount codes too as I've seen, be sure to give them a follow on Twitter at the bottom of this post.

I always say this but I've always been happy and impressed with the service typically from companies in London.  The presentation, effort and extra mile they go to really makes a big difference.  These work on a variety of occasions, be it fun, casual or work & business.

They run competitions regularly from what I've seen and you can win a years supply yourself by signing up for their news & offers!

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